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We get so many great comments from our customers, we thought we would start sharing some of them with you. If you would like to add yours, we'd love to hear from you. Send us an email!


Hi Pat & Helaine,

"We finally got the song (inspired by you two and Makena Stables) The words are written below. Thank you for all your help. Hope we get to see you soon!"

Paniolo Ride

Words and music by
James Landis
Sung by James and Theresa Landis
Drums, Bass and Guitar, Paul Landis
Mandolin and Guitar, Jim Landis

From the slopes of Haleakala
among the Kiawe Trees
They drove cattle to Makena
in the warm, trade wind breeze
They rode without fail
along the ancient, lava flow
down the dusty trail
rode the Paniolo

Paniolo ride, Paniolo ride
Across the mountain side
the Paniolo ride

It was a dirty, dangerous business
rounding up the wild pipis
But King Kamehameha said
that's the way it had to be
So the Spanish came over and
taught 'em how to ride
They were called Paniolo
all around the islands wide

Paniolo ride, Paniolo ride
Across the mountain side
the Paniolo ride

Now around Makena Stables
the livings easier you know
Takin' tourists on horse rides
and roping at the rodeo
You've got cowboys on the mainland
legends of long ago
But the legends in the islands
are still the Paniolo

Paniolo ride, Paniolo ride
Across the mountain side
the Paniolo ride
Paniolo ride, Paniolo ride
Across the mountain side
the Paniolo still ride


~ ~ ~ ~

Jim & Terri

"Yes that's right 1991. I have been asked many many times by people going to Maui what did you do, and what was the best thing you did?

My reply, without hesitation, was and still is Makena Stables! Take their Sunset ride. I unfortunately, have not had the opportunity to return to Maui or the Islands, but your one ride did change my life and my outlook towards riding. Thank You with all my heart.

I now ride all the time in my home Province of BC, and where ever else I can, when I can. I just finished a 14 hour ride on my horse Dusty thru the upper western end of the Chilcotin Plateau in BC. We encountered timid deer, many many species of other small animals and birds and a very curious grizzly. He was curious about us on a ridge just above him but he was more interested in the spring grasses to get his digestive system running. Thank goodness. The attached picture, was with my friend Bill who had just told me were riding down there! A couple of kilometers of meandering river riding."

Best Regards Michael Owen,
Delta BC

~ ~ ~ ~

"Just wanted to thank you again for the enjoyable ride Thursday morning.

Makena (a.k.a �Princess�) was lovely -- it was a treat to ride such a responsive, enthusiastic lady and I didn�t seem to confuse her too much. The scenery was also very unique and spectacular. Aloha to all. Give Spud a hug for me. Christine, stay out of the dirt!"

Karen Davis

~ ~ ~ ~

"My husband and I arranged for your "Morning Ride" on December 4th, 2009. We had a wonderful time!

Your trainer, Christine, was an excellent instructor and guide. She made sure that we were well prepared for our ride, giving us a very thorough "tutorial" before we set out. Your fine horses gave us no cause for concern, and we felt very comfortable in their capable care! Christine shared many interesting and informative facts throughout the entire ride and treated us just like "family." We had a great time that morning, and didn't even mind the sore legs the next day! Thank you so much for a great ride, great trainer, and great horses!"

Amy and Tim Jackson,
Butler, Missouri

~ ~ ~ ~

Hello folks,

"This is Lei & Hideo Ezaki from Tokyo, Japan..just wanted to say thank you for the tour ride !

We loved it!!

Next time when we visit, we definitely will try the sunset tour!!"



~ ~ ~ ~

Dear Pat,

Helaine, and Christie, Aloha! This is Stephanie... the Native American girl who rode Harrison on the sunset tour last Saturday, February 17th.

Mahalo for the wonderful birthday experience and for the T-shirt as well. I had an absolutely wonderful experience and was thrilled to have found some real Maui Natives who could share the true history and culture of the land with me.

Harrison is a beautiful horse! He is my dream. What a beautiful life you have! Thank you for sharing and I hope to see you again very soon. I have attached some photos for you. Hang loose!

Mahalo and Aloha,

~ ~ ~ ~


"Tracey and I sure had a great time riding with Pat, and I was especially happy to share in the "home made" coffee cake afterward. You guys provide an optimal vacation experience, far above what I'd expected.

I'm sending you a picture taken the day of our ride - I think I look quite natural riding on Joey (once I got him trained to stop nibbling on my toes)."

Thanks again.

Mike M.

~ ~ ~ ~


"Sorry it has taken me so long to write, I have been out of town for work since I got back. I am so glad I met y'all and was able to go on a ride. It was by far the most memorable time of my entire trip. All of you made me feel right at home!

You take such good care of your horses and it really shows! Please let me know if y'all ever come to Texas, I'll be honored to be your guide (and to find Pat a roping horse).

Please stay in touch and let me know how Pat does at the big July 4th rodeo."

Thank you for everything!
Carin Sivek Austin, Texas

~ ~ ~ ~


"We had such a fun time on our trip we are booking another trip in March when we return for spring break with our friends.

Thought I would send along a hilarious picture of your dog not wanting to be saddled up ( smart one there!) and one on our trip up the slopes.

See you in March! Reserve Mr. Bailey for me� "

LOVED him!
The Bany�s

~ ~ ~ ~

Helaine and Pat,

"We had such a good time on our ride when we were in Maui 4/1/05. Thought I'd send you some pictures of us and the horses and the great views. I appreciate the time you spend talking to us; it was really a wonderful morning spend with you two. Pat, thanks for letting me ride the great roping horse, Harrison!

We will definitely call you before we come next March and set up another ride."

Catherine Trein and Mike Atchison Brighton,

~ ~ ~ ~

"Aloha to Pat and crew, Annie, Mike, Carrie, Randy and me (Jim) just wanted to thank you for the wonderful time we had during our horseback riding excursion.

We have attached a few photos for your scrap book. We hope that Duke, Calicoa, Harrison, Joey and my horse �the giraffe� are well or at least recovered. I hope you are well and the earthquake did not cause much commotion.

Thank you and we look forward to some day seeing you again. Best wishes"

Jim, Annie and Mike Kuras

~ ~ ~ ~

Helaine and Christine-

"Just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for your hospitality during our recent ride on 11-1-06. You all are the essence of aloha! We felt right at home. It seemed as if we were sharing stories with old friends even though we had just met!

Yours is the best ride we have experienced on Maui and you can be sure we will be back again! Here's a picture of Jill and Dusty on a ride with her grandparents in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks. Dusty is alot like Bailey!"

Again, thanks so much!
Terri and Jill Driesel

~ ~ ~ ~

Dear Pat and Helaine,

"My husband Eric and I were newlyweds when we first met the both of you in September of 1998. Pat took us on the most exciting and most beautiful ride of our lives. The view was spectacular and the commentary was very informative. After an hour's ride, we stopped for lunch on the hill top and, Pat might not remember this, but I proceeded to feed my horse (who ate everything in sight along the way) an apple. He nudged it out of my hand and dropped it in the dirt. I was talking to him and told him I wanted to wash it off (I could hear Pat along with everyone else laughing). I did wash it off and fed it to him.

Thinking back, he probably didn't mind that it was dirty. We saddled back up again and headed back to the stables. It has been 7 1/2 years later and we still remember that ride. We were just looking at the video we shot. We still have our shirts too. Anyway,

Thank you and Pat and your dog for a memorable part of our honeymoon."

Lenora and Eric Breder

~ ~ ~ ~

Hello Helaine:

"Lori, Natalie, Todd and myself wanted to thank you and Pat for the wonderful time we had riding at your stable. We were very impressed with your horses and if we could, we would have tried to smuggle one or two back with us. This was the first time I felt completely comfortable on a horse. We will definitely be back."

Again, thank you for the wonderful time,
Dan, Lori, Natalie, and Todd

~ ~ ~ ~

"We truly enjoyed the sunset ride at your stables. Even though it was really my first time riding for any long distance, Pat gave me a short lesson that really made me feel at ease. When your dog flushed a deer right out in front of us, I was easily able to control Joey. We do plan on returning to Maui within the next few years and one of our highlights will be coming back to visit your for another memorable ride."

Thanks again,

~ ~ ~ ~

Hi there!

I went on a trial ride on Thurs May 3rd. I was the one from Canada who has a couple horses...I thought that you deserved an e-mail letting you know how much I admire what you do! I think it is wonderful that you take the time to let each rider get accustomed to their horse and give them one-on-one instructions and pointers with regards to the particular horse they are riding. I also admire the devotion you show to each of your horses and the outstanding care they receive. I would definitely go for another ride with you and will tell anyone I know who goes to Maui and wants to ride that they HAVE TO go with you! I also thought I would attach some pics I took for you! Thank you again soooo much. I had an awesome time!

Thanks again,
Rachel Micek

~ ~ ~ ~


"This is a belated thank you for the great ride to the top of the vent to see the black goats in October. Also a thank you for the cool tee shirt. It's very cold here and all I can think of was that fun day. Christine was a great guide, very friendly and so knowledgeable about the plants and birds. I especially liked the basil horsey luau.

I am looking forward to another visit your way soon and your ride will definitely be my first choice for outings. Thanks for all the treats on the ride too. Give Kaola a kiss for me!"

Cathy Lodge
Truckee, CA

~ ~ ~ ~


"Thanks again for the wonderful riding experience, wasn't a bit sore the next day ,my first ride. I rode the gentle wonderful calico horse. The surroundings were so cozy and you two beautiful down to earth people, it was my once in a lifetime trip and I'm so glad you are in my memory."

Sharon Nix

~ ~ ~ ~

Dear Pat and Helaine,

"I saw your web site and wanted to drop a note of thanks for a very enjoyable ride last week (1-6-05). Rachel gave us a great tour and snapped some excellent photos for us. She also gave us some good information on the lava flow, island history and Ulua fishing. I got my pictures back from the lab. My daughter Laura stopped by and picked up her copies. The photos remind us what a really great day we had together.

Helaine your hospitality set my new standard for locals / natives. And Pat, the instructions you gave were very helpful. We watched "City Slickers" while trying to get over our jet lag, and they were riding just as you had told us. I pointed it out to my wife (Alma): "That's exactly how Pat told us to do it." (at least to my novice eye). I hope I wasn't too "ham-handed" with Joey. You both do your island proud.

Your island just happens to be our favorite place on this entire planet. There's something about Haleakala that stirs my soul. If it weren't for the deep family roots on the east coast, we would probably move there. And we are both grateful for the warm Hawaiian hospitality that greets us every year when we visit. The "spirit of aloha" is alive and well at Makena Stables. As friends talk to me about possible trips to Maui, I will always recommend a trail ride at Makena Stables. You'll probably see me again and meet my lovely bride in the years to come. Until then, please accept my best wishes for a safe and profitable year."

Maholo again and give Leo a little belly-rub for us.
Aloha Ric Row - Hanover, Pennsylvania

~ ~ ~ ~

Dear Friends,

Well, I'm back on the mainland, home at last, and thankful for all the great times we had in Maui. Our vacation was so much more than we ever could have imagined.

I want you to know that one of the highlights of the trip was riding with you. Pat was a great inspiration to me, having never ridden before. I really enjoyed it. The views were incredible and being on a horse (Anna) riding through was so relaxing and yet invigorating too. I haven't gone out and bought a horse yet, but I definitely plan on riding again.

Perhaps the next time we are there I'll be ready for Miss Makena or The Queen of Sheba! All the best to you...........

Maholo nui loa,

~ ~ ~ ~

Amber and I had a wonderful time riding your horses during our vacation a couple of weeks ago. It was really a highlight of our trip. We will be returning next summer and will want to include our entire family next time.

Thanks again.
(I hope Nappy and Anna are well)!!!!

~ ~ ~ ~

Dear Pat & Helaine,

I took a ride last Thursday with you. I rode Ms. McKenna and my friend Kim rode Anna. We just wanted to say Thank You one more time for such a pleasant ride and great company. If we ever wing our way to your fair island again we will make sure to come by - this time I will go for the expert ride -

Please give Sandy, our trusty guide dog companion (and jeep rider) a pat on the head from us.

Thanks again!!
Roz P. - Tampa, Florida

~ ~ ~ ~

Pat and Helaine,

Just a quick note to say thanks for the great ride today.  Megan, Mary Rita and I had a wonderful time and you two were very gracious hosts.  I always find a place to ride when I travel and your stable is one of the best I have been to.  I try to look for the smaller stables where the owners are directly involved with the operation and where the horses are love and properly cared for.  It was easy to see from their quiet nature that your horses are happy and content.  It is equally easy to see from their appearance and nice shiny coats they are well fed and loved.  I wish more trail riding stables were run like your is. 

Good Luck to you both and especially to you Pat in your roping ventures.  Remember, always drink upstream from the herd.


~ ~ ~ ~

Helaine and Pat,

Valerie, Jessica and I had a great time on your trail ride.  We look forward to coming back again next year.  We especially want to thank Pat for allowing Valerie to just visit with the horses one day.  She enjoys just being with them almost as much as riding.  I have attached some photos I took of our trail ride for you.  If you decide to put them on your website please let us know so we'll be sure to take a look and tell others.

Thanks again,
Linda Gow

~ ~ ~ ~

Dear Pat and Helaine -

I am the tall redhead who rode with you about ten days ago - on Bailey. I
just wanted to say thank you for the great ride, great pictures, and
wonderful memories from my trip to Maui. I hope to see you and Bailey again.

Best wishes for the holidays.
Adrienne Fly, St. Louis, MO.

~ ~ ~ ~

Hi - my daughter Caroline and I rode with you last Friday and today I
remembered your e mail address so I'm sending you our thanks
electronically - we had a delightful time and will return again for a longer ride next time. My father operated a stable in Connecticut before I was born and I grew up listening to him complain about the quality of stable horses. He would have approved of Makena Stables - I'm sure of that!

Thanks again -
Jo and Caroline Burnett.

~ ~ ~ ~

Dear Helaine, Pat,

Just wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful time. Now that we're back in Florida and the routine has set in, whenever we think about the
highlights of our Hawaiian vacation, the day we spent with you guys is at the top of the list. In addition to the beauty of Maui, the quality of the
riding experience was wonderful. Again, we thank you for a great day.

The Chestmans
Robert, Susan, and Cory

~ ~ ~ ~

Hi Helaine,

Just wanted to let you know how very much our family enjoyed riding on
your ranch. The horses were so responsive and well cared for and our guides were great. I'll certainly recommend Makena Ranch in the future.

Thanks again!
Carolyn Protz

~ ~ ~ ~

Aloha.....we're back safe and sound at Kaanapali Beach with lots of wonderful memories from today. The girls had a super time, as did I - but I always do. I really want to thank you for the care you exercise, the attention you give each individual to be sure they are comfortable and know what they're doing before we leave the stables. It makes a huge difference...especially with those who have not been on a horse recently. I admire you for how you handle your operation. Maybe I could come work for you??????????
A hui hou (hau?).....and many thanks again. I will see you the next
time we're here.' Ann

PS. I loved Ola.....thank you for letting me ride him.

~ ~ ~ ~


Thanks to all of you for a GREAT time riding, March 28. It was a 16th Birthday that Amanda will never
forget. And thanks so much for the shirt, she thought that was very special! Your horses were just wonderful and we ALL had a great time. In fact, since getting home we bought another horse "for Mom" to ride. [If it ever stops snowing, we had a snow storm when we got home, so it will be a bit longer before we can ride here.

If we ever get back to Hawaii we will definitely be back to your ranch!

The Uhlmann's

~ ~ ~ ~



~ ~ ~ ~

Hi Helaine & Pat,

Well we are back home Thank you so much for your hospitality. We had a great time before, during, and after the ride! Being horse lovers and owners ourselves, we really appreciate the way that you care for yours. Your horses each have their own unique personality and we loved them all. I have attached a picture of our daughter on one of our horses.

Take care and we will see you next time we come over.

Carey Lawrence

~ ~ ~ ~

Hi Helaine,

We had a great ride with Makena Stables in Kihei and I highly recommend them. I researched several other stables, but picked Makena because they were a short drive from our rental house and because another fodorite gave them a rave review.

Makena has only a dozen horses, and they take excellent care of them. They run 2 rides/day, maximum 6 people. So the horses work only 2 hours/day, 6 days/week. Helmets, snacks, drinks, and saddlebags are all provided.

From the beginning of my research, Helaine at Makena was very helpful, answering email questions and calling me to clarify times, prices, and availability. Her husband Pat Borge was our trail guide, along with another hand at the rear.

Our group of 5 ranged from a complete beginner to several with more experience. Pat matched us to horses suited to our height, weight, and experience, and gave us all a half hour riding "lesson" prior to setting out. I thought this extra care for the horses and the riders was exceptional.

The sunset ride we took was about 2-1/2 hours, with lovely terrain and views as we rode up to a volcanic vent above La Perouse Bay. Pat is extremely knowledgeable about island history, flora, and fauna, and was an informative guide.

Thanks again for a great ride,

We will be charging a 20% non-refundable  booking fee on all reservations as well as our 48 hour cancellation policy . Because of our limited space & availability we are no longer able to offer blocks on our reservations without commitment from the guest. Special reservations for private rides and 4-5 person groups  will be held to the 72 hour cancellation policy which will be noted at the time of booking. Please call us at 808-879-0244 if you have any questions.

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